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“Delivering pens, mugs, and donuts to insurance professionals just doesn’t have the impact it used to … especially when you walk in the door and see all the same materials from your competitors lying around.” -Chris Goodbaudy

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Don’t let the competition get a leg up on you, it’s time you offer something to the insurance professional that has them coming back to you. In a fast paced world, insurance professionals are looking for a quick and convenient way to take their mandatory CE classes. 


Did you know that every state in the U.S. has a specific, binding insurance education requirement for the licensed professional? 


With the ACE program you can now offer insurance professionals the mandatory classes they need to take at little or no cost to them. These insurance professionals can access courses from a customized website with your logo and/or banner showing who it is that is sponsoring their continuing education goals.


Did you know that according to Nielsen 84% of marketing is by word of mouth or recommendations from friends?


Building a positive relationship with the insurance professionals in your area are important to the referrals that will be made to your shop. Customers are often referred to shops that insurance professionals are familiar with, know, and trust.  Make a valuable impression on the insurance professionals in your area by caring more about them and their needs.

A Program that's right  for YOU!


  1. Create your customized shop login - We create your customized shop webpage for agents to access their CE classes directly through you. 

  2. Get the word out - Have a reason to step in the office of the insurance professionals in your area. Start letting agents know that you want to help them in their continuing education goals by offering classes they need to meet their required CE hours.

  3. Setup insurance professionals account - You can visit insurance offices and help the professionals set their accounts up with you or you can give them an access code to set their accounts up on their own time. This will allow you access to their information that can help with additional marketing opportunities.

  4. Deliver Certificates of Completion - When an insurance professional finishes their course you can either hand deliver or email  their certificates to them. This is another opportunity to have a positive interaction with the insurance professionals you want to be working with.

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